The consideration of project variables such as scale, complexity, client experience with similar projects and client objectives drive the choice of project-delivery system. Delivery classifications are flexible and varied to accommodate special project needs.

We have substantial experience and success in the following delivery methods:

Project management: In this role, we are responsible to the owner for the entire program, directing work from pre-design through post-construction. Feasibility studies, concept development, programming, design management, bid management, construction, management of FF&E procurement and installation, occupancy planning and facility management may all be included.

Design / build: In this role, we manage design and construction as a single process. Design and construction schedules overlap, saving time. The final price is usually guaranteed by the General Contractor and is commonly practiced where strict deadlines and budget constraints are paramount.

Construction management: In this role, we provide pre-design and pre-construction planning (phased schedule, budget, bid / award), and field management. Depending upon the options our clients choose, we may hold trade contracts. Often these services are provided for multiple overlapping projects, an aggressive schedule, and where there is a need for full pre-construction services.

General contracting: In this role, we hire and supervise subcontractors to achieve desired quality. We may self-perform portions of the work. Design / bid / build phases are sequential (rather than overlapping). GC work is performed under a single, lump-sum construction contract based on completed design documents.